News and Events

2022 December

The launch and publication of our First Book "The Epic Adventures Of Mr. FlannelFoot - Smelly Feet"

2023 January

Our first interview at the BBC with Tiffany Trustcott

2023 February

Our very first book read to the wonderful peeps at the Culdrose Youth Club

2023 March

What's amazing about our Mr. FlannelFoot journey is meeting and working with amazing people. Meet Drue, who won our book in Traceys raffle for Porthleven Harbour Hedgies.

2023 April

We were so please, proud and amazed to recieve a letter from Princess Kate and Prince William about our book "The Epic Adventures Of Mr. FlannelFoot"

2023 August

Godolphin Fete showcasing our Books at the amazing Nation Trust Godolphin House. Meet Nigel from Cornwall a proud FlannelFooter.

2023 September

Meeting and working with the amazing peeps at Drama Express Truro. Thanks to Simon Allison and the awesome crew there. We have a blast. 

2023 September

The Mr. FlannelFoot theme launched and available worldwide on Amazon, Itunes, Spotify and 150 other music platforms. Composed and performed by Tim Rock.

2023 October

The launch and publication of our Second Book "The Epic Adventures Of Mr. FlannelFoot - The Sleepover"

2023 October

Our first Halloween Book read at Godolphin Hill

January 2024

Sunday January 28th, 2024, we were fortunate and absolutely delighted to attend the Drama Express Academy Awards at the Penventon Hotel in Redruth. The amazing youngsters performed and accepted awards for their achievements in 2023, of which there were many awesome events that they and we were proud of. Simon and Emma directed a fantastic show, thanks to the fantastic volunteers who, without them, would not have made it possible. It was fabulous that the fabulous comedians and actors, Mr. David Baddiel and Mrs. Morwenna Banks, patrons of Drama Express, showed their support there too. Mr. FlannelFoot was so happy to have been there, and we were super chuffed that we saw the show; he especially loved his theme song being played!

February 2024

There is some very exciting news for 2024. With the wonderful peeps at Drama Express, we are very proud to announce that on May 29th, 2024, the play "Mr FlannelFoot - Schools Out At Sockley Hall" written for the stage by Simon Allison. These very talented young people  are working hard to entertain you at the absolutely stunning location "The Minack Theatre." Find out more about Drama Express
The Minack Theatre
In addition, we have room for 10 sponsors for this event. Please contact us at or 
Drama Express is a registered charity No. 1188250